That's How it All Began

You know every single one of these business people and the brands they built.
But do you REALLY know how they got their start?

Do you know what their first sale was or where that genius marketing campaign
came from?

Our bet is you don't.

Welcome to: That's How it All Began.

Every Friday, our storyteller and host Andrew Davis, uncovers the tales behind some of the biggest names in business.

The catch: you won't know who the business legend is until the last thirty seconds. (But you can start guessing from the very beginning.)

So, want to know which billionaire entrepreneur started their career selling garbage bags?

Or the businesswoman who sold fax machines door-to-door before she had enough money to launch her startup? (Today, she's one of the most powerful women in business.)

Can you guess who built a billion-dollar retail empire only after quitting their job selling copy machines?

Or which husband and wife team sold $60 necklaces out of the back of their van before they founded a company we've all heard of?

Want to know who found themselves indicted by the federal government before she launched her billion-dollar beverage brand?

More importantly, do you want to know what they learned?

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That's How it All Began.
With Andrew Davis.